Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richard Pryor's widow rocks!

From the Animal Issues Bulletin during an appearance on the Leno show Chris Rock shocked everyone with insensitive slurs on pit bulls specifically and dog generally: “What the hell did Michael Vick do? Pit Bulls ain’t even real dogs! Dogs have never been good to black people!”

Unfortunately for Chris, he was hoping to get cast as Richard Pryor in an upcoming film on Pryor’s life. Pryor’s widow Jennifer shares her late husband’s love for animals, and she did not take Chris’ off-hand comment lightly. In an open letter to Rock, she said:

“For your information, Chris, what Michael Vick did was to torture, drown, electrocute and murder dogs all for fun and for profit! He went to prison for felony animal cruelty! That’s what he did! These types of comments only encourage abuse and misunderstanding of this breed, as well as actual dogfighting. Clearly this part of your latest stand-up routine would not make Richard laugh!”

So, Marlon Wayans is reported to be the one who will portray Richard Pryor in “Is It Something I Said?” which will be in theaters in 2011.