Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Trade Showing Off

The Trade Show About Trade Shows
July 31-Aug. 2
Washington, DC

How do you stage a successful event? Take some tips from the coach – The Tradeshow Coach Susan Friedmann:

* Push the Right Hot Buttons:

For those “Have the Best” folks, offer something exclusive – and never discount (which creates the perception “it’s not worth full price”). Those high achievers? Come up with an opportunity to earn awards.

Button-pushing with Power players? Indicate they are in control, show attention to detail, stroke their ego. The person who asks the questions is actually the one in control – by leading the conversation in the direction you want to go.

* Create a want:

Most people most of the time don’t really know what they want. How many people wanted an iPod before it was marketed?

* Listen to Effective listeners...who, notes Friedmann:

Limit their own talking.
Show their interest.
Avoid letting your mind wander.
Ask questions.
Don’t jump to conclusions.
Listen for the main idea.
Turn off their own worries.
Prepare in advance.
React to ideas, not to the person.
Notice nonverbal language.
Take notes.
Get feedback..
Defer judgment.
Listen for the other person’’s feelings and situation.
Pay most attention to content, not to appearance.
Avoid sidetracking remarks.
Do one thing at a time.
Maintain eye contact.
Avoid emotional reactions.
Give affirmative and affirming statements.
Invite additional comments.
Maintain patience and concentration.
Stay present.


* Green Exhibiting. Eco-Systems creates sustainable exhibits and boothware. PMSI has corn-based biodegradable badge holders.

* Wow Factors: Create an experience and memory with demos, skits, game shows, choreography, videos, audio, robots, singers. Tradeshow research indicates that live presentations are the 3rd most important reason why people remember an exhibit. Numbers one and two: Booth size and product interest.

* Video Massage Chairs!

Quote of note: Triad Creative Group CEO Theodore Lasser: “It is our obligation to be good shepherds of our resources and advise others how to do so as well...we need to steer our industry away from traditional materials and fabrication techniques whenever possible.” He unveiled a Certified Green certificate based on the US Green Building Council’s and LEED criteria.


Sponsorship: A Key Powerful Marketing, Effective Giveaways, The Power of Buzz, Out-Foxing the Competition

Competitive Edge tradeshow expertise led by Jefferson Davis

“Riches in Niches: How to Make it Big in a Small Market” by Susan Friedmann

“Experience Economy” by James Gilmore, who contends we’ve transitioned from a goods economy to an experiential economy. Commodities are wrapped in experiences to sell them today.

“Free Prize Inside” by Seth Godin

“The Anatomy of Buzz” by Emanuel Rosen, who notes the need today to create buzz that travels through “invisible networks” that link people.